Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC)

The Masters in Clinical Counseling program provides theory, skill building, and field preparation to work as an entry-level counselor in a clinical setting. The focus of the instruction is twofold: 1) the development of the person of the counselor, including leadership ability; and 2) the development of the research knowledge, theory, and skills necessary to provide ethical and professional counseling services to community members. Beyond basic counseling skills, Clinical Counseling students are introduced to the intricacies of the funding of mental health agencies, inter-agency consultation, and the problems faced by those who need mental health assistance but have a limited ability to pay for the services. The development of sensitivity, compassion, and skills in dealing with diverse populations is expected of Clinical Counseling students as well as the integration of relevant technology.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Course Requirements

The required courses for the Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree are shown in the table below. The "Title" column denotes the required courses for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program area. The numbers under "CMHC" denote the semester credit hours for each required course.
Course Title Credits
COUN6511 The Profession of Counseling 2
COUN6512 Ethical and Legal Issues 3
COUN6515 Multicultural Counseling and Societal Issues 3
COUN6531 Learning Process & Lifespan Development. 2
COUN6532 Theories of Counseling 3
COUN6533 Family Counseling Theories 2
COUN6534 Career Development 3
COUN6541 Pre-Practicum: Basic Counseling Skills 3
COUN6542 Group Counseling 3
COUN6551 Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychopathology 3
COUN6552 Addictions Counseling 2
COUN7523 Organization & Administration of Clinical Services 2
COUN7537 Research and Statistics 3
COUN7553 Measurement and Assessment 3
COUN7561 **Practicum in Counseling 3
COUN7563 Clinical Intervention and Prevention 3
COUN7571 Psychopharmacology 1
COUN7582 Introduction to Trauma and Crisis Counseling 1
COUN7589 **Internship in Counseling (Clinical Setting) 8
  Electives/Emphasis Area 6
  Total Credit Hours 60

**Includes clock hours in the field