Addictions Counseling

Students pursuing the emphasis area in addictions counseling will complete the coursework for partial fulfillment of the educational criteria leading to eligibility for the Advanced Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor (ACADC) credential in the State of Idaho.  The Practicum/Internship requirement for an ACADC is 2000 hours.

Advanced Clinical Theory and Practice

This emphasis area is designed to provide students with greater depth in clinical understanding and interventions, including advanced course work in group counseling, counseling theories, neurological studies, and psychotherapy.

Grief, Trauma, and Crisis

This specialization prepares students with the development of a greater capacity to counsel individuals through complicated bereavement, trauma, and crisis.  Student outcomes include gaining assessment and intervention skills to assist clients in working through complicated bereavement, understanding models of crisis training and intervention, and  theory and practice of trauma counseling.  PTSD, mass disaster, sexual assault, domestic violence, mental illness, and suicide prevention are addressed in the coursework.

Behavioral Health and Wellness

This specialization prepares students to understand alternative diagnosis and treatment methods beyond Western mental health approaches.  The course work for this emphasis area is designed around the ACA spiritual competencies for counselors and contemporary wellness literature.  Native traditional healing, mindfulness, guided imagery, writing for spiritual growth, and meditation are some of the perspectives addressed in the course work.

Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy

This emphasis area prepares students to use Viktor E. Frankl's Logotherapy in clinical practice.  The required courses are designed to increase knowledge and skill in addressing existential concerns of meaning in life, freedom and responsibility, uniqueness of the human condition, and death.  Upon completion of the curriculum in this emphasis area, students are eligible to apply for the Academic Associate credential from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.